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An Energy Assessment by The Energy Team is the first step in making your home more comfortable and efficient. Our BPI Certified energy auditors approved by the NJ Office of Clean Energy stand ready to help you save money and improve comfort in your home or building. This simple process will help you understand the deficiencies in your home or building, give you solutions with pricing and savings, and help you prioritize the most valuable improvements necessary.

It is our mission to bring the most current information available to the consumer. The Energy Team has developed list of great articles and tips designed to help the Do-It-Yourselfers, and people looking for deeper information. Get tips.

The Energy Team gives you access to the most up-to-date advances in Solar, Wind, Fuel, and Energy management solutions. Our diverse offering helps homeowners and business connect with valuable resources available in fulfillment of their individual Energy Plans.


Efficiency, Longevity, Safety, Performance

Everyone has questions, The Energy Team has answers.  Read more.

Project costs vary dramatically. Not everyone has the initial capital outlay to fund their energy efficiency improvements. Many options are available for low interest financing, regardless of credit and income. Energy savings can be greater than a monthly loan or lease payment. Put more money in your pocket each month and save money down the road. Read more.

The Energy Team has partnered with many local contractors, certified to assist in energy saving projects across several vocations.  We have screened and vetted hundreds of professionals, to deliver you the best companies available.  From heating and cooling, solar solutions, to healthy living providers, we have compiled this list to enable consumers feel more confident in their contractor selections. Click here.

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